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Is Amazon PPC the Right Way to Market Your Business?

Advertising on Amazon is not the simplest of processes. There are many steps that most Amazon business owners need to work through to ensure they are advertising in the right manner and at the right time. Our team at Isabel Agency has exceptional experience in this area. Our Amazon PPC experts are uniquely skilled at helping you take your product listing pages and Amazon brand to the next level. Turn to our professionals to learn more about the work we do for you.


What Is Amazon PPC?


One of the most common questions people launching a business on Amazon need to understand is what Amazon PPC is. This is a form of advertising on Amazon that allows sellers and vendors to get more traffic to their product listing pages. Amazon advertising ad types are Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display and provide sellers with the opportunity to improve sales through paid advertising methods.


The advertiser – be it an Amazon seller or Amazon vendor – pays for product listing advertisements that a potential buyer can then click on to be taken directly to the product page. Compared to CPM campaigns which are charged each time an ad is viewed, with a PPC campaign you do not have to pay for any ad that is not clicked on. That’s an important difference. Through Amazon PPC, advertisers have access to a larger group of targeted customers – or people who are most likely to purchase the products you are offering – but you do not have to pay for a banner ad or any type of marketing that does not yield someone actually clicking on your ad. This type of advertising often has a much higher ROI than other methods.

Perfecting Your Amazon Advertising


While this form of advertising on Amazon seems simple and straightforward, it is actually more complex than ever. Depending on your product, there could be a lot of competition for your customers. That is why it is critical to work closely with the team at Isabel Agency. We can help to ensure you are advertising to the right shoppers using the right investment strategy. After all, you need to budget wisely when it comes to advertising on Amazon.


Amazon advertising can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you are just getting started on the site. Our team at Isabel Agency can help. We will conduct a full brand audit and provide you with insight into the key areas we can help you improve – and in doing so, help make your Amazon brand more visible. We will also work closely with you to overcome any hurdles you may already have, limiting your success.


The right investment in Amazon advertising pays off. At Isabel Agency, we want to ensure you are always investing in only the most effective advertising mechanisms available to ensure the highest ROAS and lowest ACoS every time.

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