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Amazon Product Listing Success: What It Takes to Perform Well

Setting up an account on Amazon is the first step in launching your business. The next step is developing an Amazon product listing, a formal page that lists your product, and outlines everything about it. This is what your customer sees when they are looking for a product you offer. If you head over to Amazon now, take a look for a product that is somewhat like your own, perhaps a competitor’s page. When you click on the thumbnail listing, it opens up into a full product listing page. To be competitive and to perform well on the site, this page needs to deliver a clear and concise message to any potential buyer.


At Isabel Agency, we work to create Amazon product listing pages that deliver improved conversion rates and increased sales. There are several components to achieving this.


Developing Listings with Amazon A+ Content


One of the good things about Amazon is that the company offers a wide range of tools to enhance the work their sellers need to do to attract buyers. Amazon A+ content is one example of this. A+ or Enhanced Brand Content is a feature that lets Amazon sellers describe their product’s features in an effective and even enhanced way. It allows you to add videos and create comparison charts. Each of these components allows you to encourage people to buy your product.


Here is where the problem lies for most brandsYou need to understand what to include for your targeted buyers. Our goal at Isabel Agency is to help you create Amazon enhanced brand content that is designed to not just attract shoppers but also help close the deal when they land on your page. The key is understanding how to combine the site’s tools and solutions alongside the right strategies to achieve the best results.


Our Amazon enhanced brand content is very powerful. It allows you to sell your product, but it also helps sellers build a successful business on the site. That means you are not just selling one product, but building a brand that you can carry over onto other sites and platforms, on your own company website, and in various other ways. The key here is you need enhanced brand content that’s unique, interesting, and just what your customers need to secure their buying decision.


At Isabel Agency, we can do that for you. We work closely with our clients to develop an Amazon product listing with every bit of detail necessary using the best-in-class product description, bullet points, images, and videos to show them why they need to buy from you.

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